FAQ's (1)

What are group rates?

Group rates are typically offered to groups traveling together using 10 hotel rooms or more per nite while arriving and departing on (roughly) the same dates.  In the case of condos some places require 10 separate units while others only require 10 bedrooms.

Why do I need a group contract?

Contracts are required because the hotel/condo is offering guaranteed availability at rates that are substantially below published rates over the same dates.  The property removes those rooms and holds them for you and in return you guarantee the property a certain amount of rooms will be used over the contracted dates.

What is contained in a group contract?

Group contracts outline your dates, rates, deposit requirements, cancellation policies, taxes, room block, reservation procedures, food and beverage needs (if any), any additional fees that the property requires and anything else pertinent to your event.  It also spells out your revenue commitments.

How far in advance should I sign it?

As soon as you are comfortable doing so.  Typically, a property will hold your room block up to a certain date (option date) on a tentative basis.  After that date the rooms go back into inventory for resale.  Many places are busy all year long and there is no guarantee the rooms you want will be available if you wait to sign a contract.

What are my contractual obligations?

Your biggest obligation is usually to meet a certain revenue goal for your event.  Properties will typically give you 15-20% leeway (attrition) from contracted amounts.  So if your event calls for $20,000 in room revenue, you would typically have to meet a minimum revenue amount of $16,000.

What if I don’t know how many are coming to my wedding?  Or how long they will stay?

This is typical of most weddings in Hawaii – not just on Maui.  Nobody really knows what to expect beyond immediate family.  Therefore, we recommend caution when establishing your block commitment.  It is better to be safe than sorry. 

Most places will typically allow group rates to extend three –five days before and after your block dates based on availability at time of request.  We’ll make sure your contract contains the proper verbiage.