FAQ (2)

What are typical deposit requirements?

Properties usually require a good faith deposit in the range of $1,000 to $5,000.  In some cases it could be more depending on the size of your room block.  This deposit is usually applied according to your wishes. 

If you are paying for more than one room, you will want a master account setup and additional deposits will be due as the dates get closer.  If everyone is paying for their own rooms, a credit card deposit will be required when reservations are made.  In some cases, full pre-payment may be required prior to arrival. 

Deposit requirements vary by property so make sure you clearly understand them before signing any contracts.

Will lower rates be available over these dates on the hotel web site or on Expedia, etc.?

That shouldn’t happen but in some cases it might if a hotel is having occupancy problems over a certain date and decides to put rooms on sale at bargain rates.  It is similar to what airlines do depending on when you bought your ticket vs. the person sitting next to you. 

By working through us, we’ll make sure there is verbiage in your contract that protects you should this scenario occur.

Do all properties have places for weddings?

Most hotels have lawns, gardens, chapels or gazebos that are used regularly for weddings.  Condominiums are a different story.  Public area usage in condominiums is governed by homeowner associations and varies from place to place.  Of course there are many other locations throughout the island that are ideal for weddings.

Can I have my wedding on the beach?

In many areas you can but in some areas it’s not possible –it depends on local rules and regulations. This page shows some locations where weddings are allowed.  To confirm in advance we recommend you check with your local wedding planner or officiant.

Can you help us with outside activity planning such as rehearsal dinners or leisure activities?

Our primary business is to assist you with your group room requirements.  As a courtesy, we list local restaurants that cater to weddings and provide links to pages where you can get information and book leisure activities.

Can you make recommendations on other aspects of my wedding such as locations or officiants?

We do not make recommendations but provide a partial list of available locations and wedding officiants.