FAQ (3)

Do I need a local wedding planner?

You do not need a wedding planner but we strongly suggest you consider using one.  Maui is a world class wedding destination and there are many planners on-island who will provide excellent service and can assist with the details as the big day approaches.  We provide a partial list of wedding planners on this site as a courtesy to you as well as to them.

How do we get a wedding license?

Getting a marriage license in Hawaii is fairly easy.  If you are using a wedding planner, they will provide assistance.  If you are doing it yourself click here for more Maui wedding license information.  You will also need to see a local marriage agent once you arrive on island.  That person will sign and validate your license.  We suggest you call ahead and schedule an appointment before traveling.

How do you handle vow renewals?

Most everything that applies to weddings applies to vow renewals as well.  However, these ceremonies are typically much smaller affairs and group contracts are not usually needed.  We suggest you check out our options for making individual travel arrangements.

Do you offer air, room and car packages?  What about rooms on other islands for those staying in Hawaii after the wedding?

Yes, we can help.  We have a page that allows users to make individual travel reservations to other islands, book leisure activities or book their entire trip to the islands.  Click here for more information on individual travel to Maui and Hawaii in general.

What happens if we change our dates or cancel?

Cancellation policies are outlined in your contract.  Date changes are rare but happen from time to time.  Most people don’t change their wedding dates unless there are extenuating circumstances.  These are usually handled on an ad hoc basis.

What if we want to offer more than one option for accommodations?

In this case we suggest you DO NOT use a group contract unless you are positive you can guarantee a minimum number of rooms at a particular property.  Our suggestion would be to let people know where you are staying and provide them the names of nearby properties that might be of interest.  They can then make individual reservations directly with the property or click here to make air/room/car reservations.