FAQ (4)


I’ll be getting married on the island of Oahu.  Can you help me with group accommodations there?

Yes, we can assist with group accommodations anywhere in Hawaii.  Even though we are based on Maui, Hawaii is relatively small and we are established throughout the state.

What if I don’t want to sign a group contract? 

In many cases brides and grooms do not want to assume the responsibilities that come with a group contract.  In those cases we recommend you notify your attendees where the ceremony will take place and what properties are near that location.  On our individual travel page, they can make reservations wherever they choose and even book air/car packages as well.  We partner with one of Hawaii’s largest tour operators and are able to offer competitive rates. 

Who owns this web site?

We are owned and operated by 21st Century Group – a Maui based hotel site selection company.  We have been assisting people arrange meetings, conferences and group events throughout the islands since 1994. (www.islandmeetings.com).  We have extensive contacts throughout Hawaii and can assist anywhere our help is requested.  We are members of the Hawaii Visititors and Convention Bureau, Maui Visitors Bureau and we are a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

What do your services cost?

There is no charge for our services.  We are paid commissions by the properties after you depart and all bills have been paid.

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